About Us

Afriqcars Motors is a one-stop transport solutions company. Our goal is to make travelling easy in the most convenient and comfortable way at an affordable price to you. We work with our clients to provide them with an experience that engages them to relate to our products and/or services better, translate this knowledge effectively to their clients and by so. In doing so we create right atmosphere and environment for mutual benefit and to meet our strategic objectives and goals. We work with businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and the development of a long term business relationship. We achieve this through ensuring availability of our products and/or services based on quality service, underpinned by affordability at competitive market rates, and through our international networks and chains, accessibility to a range of diverse motoring products and solutions. stage of their existence, getting stuff done, from A to Z.

Afriqcars Motors ensures you of a 360-degree customer satisfaction cycle leaving no stone unturned in bringing to you a holistic experience of good quality products and services. Being the best at what we do Afriqcars Motors simply make sure that things are properly done without taking more time than they should.

Afriqcars Motors specialise in three (3) key areas of operations:

Car/Vehicle Rental and Leasing

Car/Vehicle Procurement and Sales

Travel and Ticketing Services