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Afriqcars Motors provides quality procurement and sales services for a range of vehicles depending on your preferences and what suits your needs

We work with the three sectors namely, Private, Public and Not-for-Profit sectors. Afriqcars Motors are registered with the Gambia Public Procurement Agency (GPPA) and follow major international guidelines for compliance in procurement activities. We put compliance ahead of competition to ensure you get the results you’re looking for within existing regulations.

Afriqcars Motors is flexible in negotiations and can provide various packages tailored to meet your exact needs including duty waivers are applicable.

For multiple purchases of vehicles, we are able to negotiate and agree bulk discounts depending on each case and the required product or service. We facilitate organisational car loans to individual staff and can do so directly with staff or through their institutions. At Afriqcars Motors, we are more than happy to go extra mile to make sure you get the perfect service you deserve.

Our bottom line is our client’s satisfaction! Whether you’re purchasing your own individual car; a company car or indeed fleet vehicles for your businesses, we are committed to meeting your needs to your satisfaction.

Our procurement and sales services consists of a six-step cycle to ensure quality service output and delivery:

Identifying the need

We work with you to understand your specific need

Identifying the supplier

we will assess many sources for suppliers locally and internationally to find the right options for you.

Communication with the supplier

Once we have worked with you to identify suitable suppliers then the process of identified, we can also facilitate preparation of requests for quotations, requests for proposals, requests for information and requests for tenders.

Liaison with the supplier(s)

will use existing methods tools for evaluation enabling an objective assessment of the supplier and providing you with the right intelligence as to whether to continue or not with the supplier.

Management of Logistics

Ensuring contractual terms are adhered to and ensuring transportation of the goods takes place without any hitches is critical to our procurement and sales process. We make this easier by handling this for you.

Delivery of product

We ensure delivery on time and to the exact location you require

I invite you to try our service and I personally guarantee
you will have a fully satisfied experience.