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Booking Terms & Conditions

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It is very important to read and understand the following rental terms and conditions before you sign the rental contract. If you do not understand, kindly ask the agent you are dealing with, or contact us to explain it to your satisfaction and perfection.

To Rent

When renting with us, you need the following valid requirements:

  • Driver’s license (Not less than 3years driving experience)
  • You should not be less than 24 years old
  • Passport
  • Security deposit of $200 (non-negotiable)

Afriqcars will hold on to your security deposit until the day of returning the vehicle. Ones the security deposit is paid the vehicle will be reserved for you.

Companies are to provide Local Purchase Order for reservations. “Local Purchase Order (LPO)” should properly indicate the type of vehicle, quantity, dates, number of rental days and rate proposed to you by Afriqcars, preferably attach a copy of our quotation to your LPO.

We deliver the vehicle with a full tank fuel capacity and customer must return the fuel at same level when returning the vehicle.

Waiting time 30 minutes for free deliveries: at Airport, hotel, office or home. Additional charges fee $10.00 will be charged on every 30min. (unless otherwise).

Use the vehicle in the region you’ve booked for. If you wish to visit other regions (up country) please consult us and inform us of your where about, an extra fee will be charged.


When security deposit is paid your booked vehicle will be reserved and a reservation receipt will be sent to you with all necessary details.


We take only 4 currencies: US Dollar, British Pound, Euro or Dalasi (local currency). You are advised to make full payment in cash, or by credit card (VISA and MasterCard only), or through bank transfer on the day of rental or upfront. We do not take personal or postdated cheques.

Our rates are based on in-town usage of the vehicle. In-terms of transfers or traveling up country or out side the country there are extra charges included depending on the destination.


Credit card use

We ONLY accept VISA and MasterCard. Extra 4% bank charges. We do NOT charge VAT on our car rental rates.

Cancellations & Refunds

Bookings are free, so are cancellations of booking(s). Afriqcars and customers can cancel a booking at any time.

Cancellation of reservation triggers a penalty of 50% of your security deposit. If we happen to cancel your reservation your security deposit will be refunded 100%.

To avoid penalty charges, you can postpone your dates of reservation or freeze your renting period and reserve the vehicle again for another date within 3 months period.


All our vehicles are covered with Comprehensive insurance with Royal Insurance Ltd Gambia.

The rented vehicle comes with a valid Insurance Certificate, which outlines what you’re covered for, and the “compulsory excess fee”. If you’re driving to a destination outside the country (The Gambia) Afriqcars will be responsible to provide you a “Brown Card”.

“Compulsory excess fee” as it sounds compulsory is a fixed amount a customer will have to pay if any claims were made.

“Brown card” is the insurance card used beyond boarders


Before you are handed the rented vehicle(s) please make sure you have signed a contract between you and Afriqcars representative. Have your copy with you.

On the contract it must show; the vehicle you are renting, date of rental, date of return, and rate you’re charged. When payment is done kindly collect your receipt.

Make sure you check the vehicle with an Afriqcars representative, for any damages on the vehicle; dents and scratches or and any other broken parts or missing items.

Any damage(s) coursed by you, you’ll be held responsible for the cost of the damage(s) unless otherwise.
Do NOT take the vehicle to any mechanic without our authorization.

This vehicle is NOT to be used for

  • Racing or any sort of competition.
  • Betting or sub-renting or taxi, or any sort of business or gambling activities.
  • Over load of passengers or goods. (If you are moving goods let us know and we’ll provide you with appropriate vehicle).
  • Filming production, advertising and or any sort of promotion or campaign.
  • Do not decorate or stick any posters or tie anything to the vehicle.
  • Do not borrow the vehicle to friends or any other person without our consent, (only the person that has provided driving license).
  • Pulling of other cars.
  • Do not use for demonstration or riots
  • Do not drive outside regions / borders without permission

Any breach of these terms and conditions, Afriqcars will have the right to stop you and terminate your contract at the spot, refunds or and penalties will be charged accordingly.

Help us to keep our vehicles in very good condition. Use our vehicle like it was your own vehicle with respect & care

  • Drive responsibl
  • No racing
  • Wear your seat belt
  • NO use of cellphone
  • NOT eating or drink in the car
  • NO smoking in the car
  • Keep the car clean at all times
  • Do NOT touch the engine
  • Refuel when gage is low